Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Cup 2010: Ghana wins over Serbia 1-0 & Brixton goes mad.

As Australia is supposed to play against Germany tonight, I thought it was either Germans or, - more likely - Australians who were making all that cheerful preparatory noise around the corner. (There's loads of them living in Brixton and this all happened literally around the corner form my crib) So I got a bit curious and went out with my camera to see if I could take some scandalous photos of drunken Ozzies. Turned out Ghana had won their match against Serbia; which apparently was reason enough to have a party in the middle of the road next to Tesco's haha. Cars, busses, cyclists; everyone got stopped in the middle of the road by Ghanaian football fans. This was an amazing Brixton impromptu; London I heart you! x


Anonymous said...

LOL! thanx 4 the pictures..'s GHANAIAN n not Ghanese.. :)

BNZL said...

Hehe cheers Anonymous, mistake corrected!

Siroushka said...

I love these. You would of thought they won the world cup lol :D Goooo Ghana!