Friday, 27 February 2009

You know what?

Fuck you and the shoredouche hipster showpony you rode in on. Call me a sell out, call me commercial, call me a twat, I don't care. These commercials are fantastic and they make me feel good. Enjoy!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Loud man.

I was visiting Buckingham Palace and walked past these 2 men who were having an argument, I think. One of them was being loud. Like really, really loud. I have no idea what they were talking about, I think it was about some biscuits, or something. I don't know if this guy was angry or if this is just his way of communicating, but you know... I just couldn't help laughing.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rye Lane.

I shot these for a uni assignment. I was to do a photo essay titled 'A Day in the Life of...' I chose to spend some time in a street called Rye Lane in Peckham Rye, the first neighbourhood that I lived in when I moved to London. Peckham is a traditional London working class community that now coexists with communities that have their origins in Bangladesh, the Caribbean, China, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Eastern Europe and Vietnam. Rye Lane used to be one of the most important shopping streets in south London. It's not exactly a high street shopping area anymore but for the residents the street is still a vibrant source of everyday household shopping. There are also a variety of markets, barbershops and nail salons. I didn't quite know what to expect but most of the people that I tried to photograph reacted shy and humble, as if they were taken off guard. I was surpised by how friendly and collaborative the merchants were. I love this street. It's crowded, colorfull, loud, smelly, hardcore, honest; alive.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Violet May

Ok so this was never meant to be a look-what-i-found-on-the-information-superhighway type of blog. But as I'm a bit of a geek (with a bad habit of always having to spend time looking for / losing / forgetting essential shit such as keys or phone in a million bags as my boyfriend describes it :) and own a media player, 2 mobile phones, 2 laptops, 2 digital cameras and shitloads of film cameras, I'm always on the lookout for practical purses, bags, pouches and sleeves. (It kind of stimulates my bad habit, I am aware of that.) Speaking of which, my boyfriend gave to me this super sturdy, indestructible laptop bag (ballistic nylon black version) for Christmas, yay! I'm by the way not a total anti-fashionista and I'm all for the elegant, sophisticated, female protagonist type look so I must feature Violet May, the London based fashion brand known for their ultra luxury laptop bags, sleeves and blackberry purses. *Saliva uncontrollably falls from the mouth* Beautiful. So sexy and so expensive. One day...sigh.

Aidan Kelly

My friend Aidan Kelly is an Irish photographer who's in the process of creating a book that he hopes to publish, called 'Studio'. It's a collection of incredibly inspiring photographs of artists' workplaces and surroundings. Aidan for president, may his dream come true. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Dear friends of mine.

It's been so long! It's already February 2009, so it's definitely time for a new post. So yeah I'm back, with new, short hair and RSS feed pimp-up for me blog (SUBSCRIBE Y'ALL). What's new? Well, I nearly got rid of my appendix, my 1st term academic tutorials were quite satisfactory and I got a brand spanking new compact digital camera from my parents; the sexy black version of the 14 MP Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150 with Leica lens and HD video. I absolutely adore the thing and I highly recommend this camera. The Christmas holidays that I spent in the Netherlands were a mixture of sweetness and awkwardness. I loved being with my Dutchies but it felt so damn good to be back in London afterwards, still can't say why, actually loads of my foreign-london acquaintances seem to be experiencing the same thing when coming back to London. About a week ago London was completely shut down for a day and covered in fucking decimeters of REAL snow, none of that grey mushy shite that nobody wants (ofcourse it happened while I was in the Netherlands -again-, sitting inside doing fuck all with my boyfriend). Oh and not to mention, I became the proud Mama Ani (godmother) of Mahar Manuhutu, daughter of Johan and Vita Manuhutu. Johan is a maternal cousin who lives in Maluku, Indonesia. I've not even seen a photo of Mahara, nor have I met Johan or Vita for that matter. But I'm going there at the end of the year! I can feel that the time to go there is approaching anyway. Just goes to show that these things happen naturally. Apart from all that I'm still struggling with certain 'same old shit' but at least there is a vague sense of progress in my own personal development; my creative juices are flowing, I've grown some cohones and decided to enter a (Hugo Boss) design competition, slowly but surely I'm letting go of old fears, I'm still letting myself discover what's worth it and what's not, what makes my heart race and what makes me shit my pants. And I'm loving every minute of it. It's because of a chain of random accidental catchups with friends that I haven't been in touch with for a while that I owe you this post; 2 nights ago I had a long and intense conversation with my friend Barbapopo who I don't get to see or talk with much but with whom I always end up going deeper than the conversation before. And he has the incredible ability to make me (and basically every one else that he knows) laugh like no one else does. (He's also getting better and better in making raw ass beats). Yesterday I ran into my bestest kiwi girl-friend Natalie aka DJ Excelle on facebook (man that sounds e-tarded), she was there for me when I hit rock bottom. She's going through an intense period of highs and lows, more or less on her own but is standing tall. I miss her and I wish I could be there for her. Much respect. Today I had a chat with the lady Emily Tullet who I met in New Zealand whilst experiencing the most frustrating creative block. She's a creative ozzie/kiwi/brittish multitalent whos new ventures (and blog) put a smile upon my face. Also, I spoke with my vague Irish friend Aidan Kelly, a very talented photographer from Candy Collective who I will feature in another post. He said he could do a mini feature on me in candy magazine, if only I had something new to show, which I fucking don't. So yeah all these conversations were one massive reality check, a pleast one tho. Been feeling sort of offbeat, weird and low lately. (I'm not depressed or anything and haven't smoked that much, honest) I just can't explain why. But after having spoken with these people it all became clear again. No explanation needed. Thanks guys :)

J.J.A, Thanks for that lovely 1st in 2009 get-smashed-get-together by the way, you're fabulous.