Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Music and things.

These tunes remind me of springtime and all the goodness it brings and they have been on mad repeat. As in I've been listening to these so many times it's just not sane anymore... Well fuck sane, I'm beyond ready for some frisky spring airiness, butterflies are popping tiny pills in my stomach just by listening to these tunes.   

I also rocked down to The Doctors Orders @ Plan B last friday to get my 90's OG hiphop on, I cannot even tell you how that night left me all giddy and wanting for more. Thanks Rod! More photos to come.

And I'm also very much looking forward to this. Braaaaap!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Homework II.

Pierre Soulages is also known as "the painter of black" because of his interest in the colour, "...both a colour and a non-colour. When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens up a mental field all of its own". He sees light as a matter to work with; striations of the black surface of his paintings enables him to make the light reflect, allowing the black to come out from darkness and into brightness, thereby becoming a luminous colour.

Word. You better recognize.

For a brief I had to collect a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 texts (or images). I was stuck for about 2 weeks. I then decided to pull the self-indulgence card so I collected 100 black things I own (yeah, not so hard) and had a little improvised photoshoot. Yay, photography + everything black = pins&needles&fun! After editing I ended up with 4 A3 5x5 grids of black stuff. Oh how purdy, I thought at first. But the longer I looked at and mulled over the collection, the more sickening the sight of it became. I felt that I had somehow managed to sum up my obsessions, wants, preferences, characteristics, virtues and vices with a visual collection of a bunch of stuff. So with the realization that this is actually all just stuff and it wouldn't necessarily have to be my stuff, I distanced myself from this collection as it being a personal collection and made the project about the material consequences of everything we experience and every decision we make. Aesthetically the blackness worked to the concepts advantage, so I was lucky. For the final crit I did a full color A1 poster, (see below). It's a first draft, it needs typographic changes and a little less obviousness. Will keep you posted on the end result.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Love, actually. In a magazine.

Some time last year I got a msg from a friend who told me her friend Donald Milne needed an assistant for a London couples shoot. It was a last minute job and I'd never worked with him. With the wrong photographer / models a photoshoot can turn into a downright pain. But I decided to tag along anyway which I have absolutely no regrets about. It was funnest photo-assistant job evar so far which included learning some new tricks, getting fuckloads of free crisps and meeting some really nice people. Also being in the presence of these people and seeing them being genuinely fun, gentle and loving towards eachother - in the presence of others - without being sickeningly gross about it was quite a lovely happening in itself. :) I kinda forgot about this shoot untill yesterday, when someone mentioned how great the photos came out in the 'By The Way I Think That I Am in Love With You' article in this month's i-D's 'The Lovers of Life' issue. And to my surprise I was mentioned in there as the official photography assitent! (Yup, not assistent but 'assitent.') Ahw, I feel like someone just gave me a lovely little present, like a homemade heartshaped cupcake with my name written on it in cherryblossom pink glazing haha. :) x

Thinking Design presents Talk 14: Zamir & Antoine / 17 February / 4.30 PM / G12

Yeah, this'll be printed on A3 ascetate with a colored backdroppish version of the same placed behind it, but you get the point. Thank god for your effortless GDDANG EARLY morning coffee & push seshes Cole, you rule. :) x (And also much love to the Square Group for getting me my laptop back in no less than 3 working days. Go to them if you have a MacBookPro that suffers from Black Screen of Death, they're much faster at dealing with it then Apple's Genius bar.)

Friday, 12 February 2010

DO NOT VIEW the poster that's right in front of you.

What the shit, Central Saint Martins. What ridiculous rule will you impose on us next? No more making art in artschool? nlm

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Indonesia - Saparua (Maluku)

My Island :)

Kampung Mahu is my maternal grandparents' village and kamung Haria is my paternal grandparents' village.

Map of Pulau Saparua

About to board a super dodgy speedboat on pulau Ambon.

Departure, our driver Tommy waving at us.

The bestest speedboat trip I've ever had. The boat stank of gasoline, the merry captain was smoking cigarette's, it went fast and the boat went up and down like crazy. They were however super friendly lads and they took a detour to show me bits other of the island, once they understood that this was my first time on the Moluccas.

Villagers waiting at the dock for people to arrive. At arrival we found out the boat could take us straight to our village.

Arrival at kampung Mahu. At arrival some ooms we didn't know carried out luggage to the shore.

Christmas decorations at my opa's house. Another family lives there now.

Oma Aya, kitchen personnel. She nearly hugged me to death.

Oma Roosiana, one of my mum's mother's sisters. She's head of Indonesian police and she can sleep standing up.

My oma's house. The b&w picture on the left is a picture of my mum's mother, oma Diek. Getting confused yet?

Pantai Saparua, shot from an old Dutch fort.

This is where the Dutch could see enemy fleets arrive so that they could blow them to bits.

A wandering cow in kampung Mahu.

A road in Kampung Haria.

Starry sky at kampung Mahu.

The amazing local medicine man at kampung Mahu. My stephdad got a severe flu and he healed him by beating him with wet hot towels and making him drink a horrible concotion of raw egg, honey and lemon.

Pantai Saparua <3

Someone getting baptised at pantai Saparua.

Kampung Mahu's main street.

A random house in kampung Mahu.

Oma Boya! Yes, the first other Boya I've ever met. She works for oma Roos in kampung Mahu. She's 70 something, has 1 tooth left, needs glasses but still works on her own land, jumps over fences, smokes, drinks and will beat up anyone who get's in her way. We share the same name and craziness and I hope that I will still be as lively as she is at that age. Brilliant!

Some little girls sitting against a house in kampung Mahu. The one on the left is playing with a huge knife haha.

Some guy cutting up coconuts.

Bemo's, local transportation. Doors open, legs dangling out, cigarettes lit; how transportation should be.

Some's psychedelic floor in kampung Mahu. (Yeah people LOVE pink over there.)

Kids playing in the sea at pantai Mahu. I'd just given them some candy.

Kampung Mahu at sundown.

Ojeks (the other local transportation) arriving at our friend's house to pick us up. Sitting on the back of a scooter that's secretly a motor, driving 60kph with no helmet on, flying past forests over hills; how public transportation should also be.

Going from kampung Haria to pantai Saparua by ojek.

Local schoolchildren at kampung Mahu. <3

A man waiting for his boat to arrive at porto Haria.

Watching the sun come up at porto Haria as we wait for our chartered speedboat to take us back to Ambon :(

On our way back to Ambon, the dude in the yellow shirt was drunk and it was 8AM in the morning. (Y)