Friday, 11 December 2009

My last week in London.

Free B&W film from whispering RG Lewis salesman.
Editorial partnership with Andreas Ryalen established.
So little left to do and so much to look forward to.

Mulled wine for brunch and beer for dinner.
A hundred goodbye kisses and sentimental hugs.
Stupid drunk last-minute shopping on stiletto heels.

Tripped over a fruit vendor and hurt my knee.
Helped by a guy with the dope sneakers.
Too many invitations to parties that I want to attend.

36 hours away from a 17 hour flight to Indonesia.
The molecules are frozen and my world is wonderful today.
People of London/Paris/DenBosch I will see you next year.

Take care, safe travels if you're going on a holiday or journeying home, where ever that may be. Definitely do drink too much alcohol and eat so much food you'll put on 100 stone. Be saturated and content. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010. Here's an ugly season's greeting card for you.


Identity experiment 1

For a while I've been trying to design an identity for myself. It's hard and I haven't been able to make my mind up yet so I've decided to post some experiments up on here.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Transatlantic Consequences

The Lethaby Building, Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP


I took these shots of my college for a 1st year magazine brief. We were free to choose a subject and as we were told CSM was going to move to King's Cross in 2012, I decided to portray this building, it's classic beauty and the cracks it was starting to show. (If you're thinking of using these for Amanda Lesters brief, you know who you are: they're copyrighted now :p)

Beautiful building, I will miss you.

Friday, 27 November 2009

For all you unbelievers...

1 Assesment, 1 essay, 1 embassy visit, a lot of bulk shopping and 16 days left to go untill Indonesia! Soso excited. After being laughed at for having to buy a church worthy dress I'm telling you this. Yes I am really becoming a godmother. Why else would I spend money on this mega girly white ass dress!? The not-so-good-speaky-Engleshi saleslady didn't understand what I was looking for (a fucking simple white dress??) and after a tiresome 30 minutes of fitting the most random abominations of dresses and trying to explain what I needed she came up with this reasonably cute little number, but still thought I was getting married in Indonesia and that I was going for a simple wedding dress. Hhngod. And whilst buying that dress my Oystercard mysteriously disappeared, I put 50 fucking quid on it only this morning :@ (Yeah I normally wouldn't be so annoyed about it, it's just, you know, the end of the year getting closer, assesment time, losing money, the hysterically lit high streets filled with people doing their pre christmas shopping, etc) Anyway yeah, that's why I hardly ever wear white or girly dresses for that matter. Too many complications! x (ps. Clyde, shut the fuck up haha.)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hangover photo upload III

Oldskool hiphop @ Plan B - London, a new day, messing about with light, dubstep @ Pardiso - Amsterdam

Hangover photo upload II

Outdoor cricket lunch, a very decent design studio's boardroom, a final crit, where the pears grow.

Hangover photo upload I

The British Museum, The V&A, Russia&Kazachstan represent, Electric Avenue Butchers, what happens when you try to set one of these on fire.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The September Issue.

An impressive documentary following editor-in-chief Anna Wintour & her team as they struggle to write Vogue's largest and heaviest number of all times (840 pages and almost 5 pounds). The viewer observes the complicated process through which everyone goes through while working for a fashion magazine. Viewers can also admire Grace Coddington, a former model that became a creative director after a car accident, while she passionately helps the magazine evolve and even stands up to some of Anna Wintour's ideas. Written by 'Anonymous' on

I am not a fashion victim but I have always had a secret little crush on Anna Wintour. If you're an editorial (design) freak, definitely go/see/buy/download/rip this documentary.

GPO: Modernism & Design - Paul Rennie - 18th November - 4.30 pm G12 - Southampton Row

I picked up the lecture postcards/invitations from the letterpress studio. They turned out so beautiful and precious, these photos are not doing them any justice. I had a hard time distributing them as I just wanted to carry the stacks around all day long and secretly reach into my bag during crits and feel the texture of the rich manilla clothy card and the relief of the letters. Only slightly geekily obsessed. x


Magdalena Sobczynska's:

Friday, 13 November 2009


Together with a 3rd year graphics student I've been designing the announcement poster/cards for next weeks lecture - The General Post Office: Modernism & Design, 18 November, 4.30 pm - G12 by Paul Rennie. The use of letterpress fits perfectly in the process of my search for analogue peace. I have come to the conclusion that manual typesetting is the bee's knees. And so is rugged grumpy letterpress veteran/instructor Nick. He wears a derelict sweater with a hole in it, has fat stained sausage fingers, a missing front tooth, endless typographic knowledge and posesses the master ability to crack down juggernaut style on everyone who doesn't do what he says / shows up too late or unprepared. He will make you cry for yo mama, in his eyes you are a maggot. As I hung out with him for the past couple of days he showed me the ropes as long as I promised to pay attention and not do anything stupid. I went in humble-mode and all went well. He even let me take some pictures. So here's a semi-documentary style series on the Southampton Row Letterpress Studio, shot with a Blackberry Curve 8900 (I know, shame.) x

Thursday, 5 November 2009

A new camera.

Woah I need to slow down. After a brief period of inner struggle and strife it is time for some changes. One of them is taking on a different way of observing and photographing. I've decided to spend some more time doing analogue photography, with an instant camera. Instant fun/gratification + considered photography = pleasant distraction + switching current train of thought. So today I finally picked up a camera that I've had my eye on for quite a while. It's MASSIVE. This handsome heavily built bastard's name is Fuji Instax 210. Fuji released it sometime last summer and it's the latest member of the Instax family. This wide brother is superb, for an instant camera anyway. (See last 3 images below for images found on Flickr.) It has the same features as it's predecessor Instax 200 but this limited -?- edition's professional black rather than ugly grey/blue. It comes with a strap, a 45 CM close-up lens, 1 pack of Fuji Instax wide color film and 4 AA batteries. It has 2-zone focus, low light auto-flash and a handy LCD screen to display settings. It produces images of 99mm x 62mm. If you're thinking of buying one yourself, don't get it from the lomo shop. Just hit Tottenhamcourt Road or Ebay and get it for half the price. As far as films go, Ebay is the way; £25 for 40 films makes this medium almost affordable :) -x-

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